UFFCA Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance


The UFFCA promotes accountability in the conservation, protection and sustainable harvest of UFFCA fish populations, as well as the health of the ecosystems upon which they depend.

The UFFCA provides information regarding the state of the UFFCA fish stocks and fisheries habitat.

UFFCA Promotes and Encourages:

  • Inclusive and transparent decision making regarding fisheries issues in the UFFCA area
  • Stewardship of fisheries resources and sustainable harvesting practice
  • Sustainability in fisheries management and practices
  • Cultural values associated with ancient practices

The UFFCA provides advice and support services to UFFCA member communities on a range of issues from conservation and harvest planning and fisheries management, to environmental assessments and field science. The Alliance’s role is to support community based initiatives which support the overall strategic plan. The Alliance also assists with procuring resources for science and research while developing a continuous program of capacity development. The Alliance was created by 2005 under the Federal Department of Fisheries, Aboriginal Aquatic Resource & Oceans Management (AAROM) program.

UFFCA Key Roles:

  • Provide technical analysis and advice on stock conservation including the identification of stocks in need of conservation actions.
  • Review federal; (and to a lesser degree) provincial fisheries programs, stock and habitat assessments, enhancement initiatives, and government policies and practices related to conservation of UFFCA stocks of interest.
  • Respect and honor the role of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge (ATK) and its role in informing and furthering science.
  • Provide information to UFFCA member communities on a wide range of policy issues and programs related to fisheries resources.

The UFFCA publishes an annual report which lays out the projects and programs for each year. The UFFCA board and its members meet a minimum of eight times per year, and host other meetings all over the region throughout the year.